Chronology of the Selkirk Settlement
Date Event
30 May 1811 Lord Selkirk (Thomas Douglas) and the Hudson’s Bay Company finalize the sale of 116,000 square miles of territory for ten shillings.
12 June 1811 The District of Assiniboia is ceded by the Hudson’s Bay Company to Lord Selkirk
26 July 1811 The ship Edward and Ann bearing the working party sail from Stornoway for Hudson Bay
6 September 1811 The transport ship bearing the working party enters the Hudson Strait
24 September 1811 The working party goes ashore at the point between the Nelson and Hayes Rivers
5 October 1811 Edward and Ann returns to England
7 October 1811 Miles Macdonell and the working party move to the north side of the Nelson River where they are housed in tents
29 November 1811 A small boat crosses the Nelson River with a message from Miles Macdonell to Chief Factor Cook at York Factory
31 December 1811 Year ends in a difference of opinion between the Irish and Orkneymen in which the former are said to have “unmercifully beat the latter”
24 June 1812 The first party of colonists sail from Sligo, Ireland aboard the Robert Taylor
29 June 1812 The spring fur brigade reaches York Factory as Macdonell and his men prepare to depart for the colony
6 July 1812 Miles Macdonell with the working party depart York Factory for the Red River Settlement, following the Hayes River
30 August 1812 Macdonell with 23 workmen reach the confluence of Red and Assiniboine Rivers and make camp on the east bank
4 September 1812 “Seizin of the Land”: Macdonell and officials of the Hudson’s Bay Company exchange official documents
6 September 1812 Most of the party go to Pembina due to shortage of provisions; others stay behind to being building Fort Douglas and to clear land to plant winter wheat
12 September 1812 Macdonell reaches Fort Pembina
13 September 1812 Macdonell selects a site and begin work on construction of Fort Daer
7 October 1812 The first wheat is planted near Fort Douglas
27 October 1812 A group of 71 settlers under Owen Keveny reaches the Fort Daer site
21 November 1812 All the families and men are housed at Fort Daer
24 December 1812 Macdonell hoists the flag and names the site Fort Daer

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A brief chronology of events relative to Lord Selkirk’s Settlement at Red River – 1811 to 1815 compiled by Alice E. Brown
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 7, Number 3, April 1962