3 Tips to Save Money When Feeding Your Horses

Having horses can be a wonderful thing, but it can be costly. You probably spend a lot of money on veterinary care, tack, feed and more, and you could be wondering if there is a way that you can reduce how much you spend at the farm supply store and elsewhere. Luckily, it is possible to save money on horse ownership, such as by cutting costs on feed. These are a few tips that you can try if you’d like to cut costs.

1. Buy in Bulk

First of all, when you’re buying animal feed and other farm supplies, you might find that you can save a lot of money by buying in bulk. Even though it can require you to spend more money at once, buying your feed in larger quantities will often allow you to score lower prices. Plus, you can reduce trips to the store, when you might find yourself tempted to buy tack, hardware or other items.

2. Avoid Waste

One major way that many horse owners end up spending a lot more money on feed is due to waste. Feeding your horses only the feed and hay that they will actually consume rather than giving them larger amounts is a good way to cut down on waste. Making sure that feed is stored in tightly sealed containers and preventing rodents from getting into the feed can also help.

3. Plant More Grass

Another good way that you can reduce how much money you spend on feed is by planting more grass and ensuring that your horses have plenty of grass to graze on. Rotating pastures can help prevent your grass from getting trampled, and planting more grass can help ensure that there is always plenty of it in your pastures. Even though you will obviously still need to buy feed and hay regardless of how much grass you have, this can help you cut costs and can be a lot more pleasant for your horses as well, since horses naturally prefer to graze on grass when this is possible for them.

As you can see, if you have been spending a lot of money feeding your horses, you do have options for saving money. If you follow these tips, you might find that you can reduce the amount that you spend on feed by a rather significant amount. This can leave you with more money in your budget for other things for your horses. Check out the Ace Peel Hardware & Supply website if you want to learn more.

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